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    [ConceptLane] Invitation for KVM VDS Trialists | Singapore Server

    Hi all,

    We are launching a server to exclusively run KVM virtual dedicated servers. We are inviting trialists to come and test out the server's response, reliability, and the web interface control panel developed in-house.

    We term it virtual dedicated servers because of the nature of the way virtual machines are deployed, and because memory and harddisk space are all dedicated - we advocate zero over-selling! We are only planning to allocate a maximum of 7GB of RAM (out of 8GB host memory, i.e. max 14 KVM1 virtual machines), leaving 1GB for the host server to operate within. The total number of machines to be deployed is heavily dependent on the overall CPU and disk loads as well - thus number of virtual machines allocated may well be less than that figure.

    Bandwidth limits may be increased later - current figures are tentative.
    However, note that we are only concerned with Upstream bandwidth - downloading files into the VDS does not count in the bandwidth considerations.
    When the bandwidth limit is exceeded, upstream traffic is throttled to 25KB/sec, ensuring that the VDS remains accessible / usable (to a certain extent). All restrictions will be lifted on the 1st of every month.

    Host Server
    Dual AMD Opteron 2216 @ 2.4GHz (dual dual cores, upgradeable to dual quads if necessary)
    8GB DDR2-667 Reg ECC RAM
    3 x 73GB SCSI HDDs in software RAID 5 (thus the small allocation of diskspace)
    Rack has dedicated Bandwidth of 5Mbps, burstable to 10Mbps
    Currently using self-signed certificate, but an official SSL certificate will be deployed once we are very sure that the server will be deployed

    Test Download:
    Test Ping/Traceroute:
    Sample Ping Times from various locations:!

    * We hope interested parties will test out the network before deciding whether to evaluate the trial, as we hope the network will not be the final no-go factor. Do note that the server is situated in Singapore and will probably not have good latencies to some countries in Europe, and some states in the USA.

    Management Interface
    Power On/Off
    Hard reboots
    Changing of VNC password
    Toggling accessibility of VNC via iptables
    Changing of CD media
    Reinitialisation of VDS at any time

    Plan KVM1, S$ 25.00 (~US$17.60)
    CPU(s): 1, RAM: 512 MB, HDD: 8 GB
    Bandwidth: 50 GB

    Plan KVM2, S$ 40.00 (~US$28.16)
    CPU(s): 1, RAM: 1024 MB, HDD: 15 GB
    Bandwidth: 100 GB

    Plan KVM3, S$ 70.00 (~US$49.30)
    CPU(s): 1, RAM: 2048 MB, HDD: 30 GB
    Bandwidth: 200 GB

    Trial Package
    Trial Sign-Up:
    Only 2 trial accounts will be initially allowed; priority has been given to SGWHT. We will only open the offer to WHT one week, or three days after the 2 trial accounts have been successfully initialised.
    Trial Period 1: 1 month, for S$0.00
    Trial Period 2: 1 month, for S$10.00 (~US$7.00)
    The trial prices are regardless of plans chosen.
    Requirement: Creation of a subscription schedule via PayPal
    Terms & Conditions:
    1. The trial VPS will only be initialised after payment has been made.
    2. If the subscription for the trial VPS is not completed within 3 days, the trial VPS will be cancelled.
    3. Cancellation/non-payment of subsequent subscription fees will lead to the removal of the trial VPS.
    4. This is a unmanaged VPS, and ConceptLane will only be responsible for ensuring that the host server and network is up and functional.
    5. You are responsible for the backup and security of your data.
    6. During the trial period, there will be no uptime guarantees and compensation.

    For SG customers, GST will be applicable, and we will switch to requiring payment via internet banking after the first 2 trial periods. There are plans to offer very favourable discounts for trial users who switch from monthly subscriptions to bulk payments in advance, and details will be made available later.

    Meanwhile, interested parties, please make use of the automated trial VDS creation process to sign up for a trial VDS.
    Trial Sign-Up:

    We apologise in advance if the trial creation process results in errors (we did not want to create problems with PayPal by trying it and refunding transactions one too many times), but we will be monitoring to fix any problems that may occur.

    Available OSes
    Various flavours of Linux (all netinstall ISOs)
    * Other Linux distributions can be made available upon request

    Windows XP Pro SP3 (CD key may be obtained from us FOC)
    Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard may be installed as a trial (without entering a serial number) and a valid key may be leased from us at just S$5.00 (~US$3.57) a month after the first trial period.
    * For Windows installations, ACPI will be disabled due to issues that are pending resolution in the KVM project itself.

    Looking forward to working with anyone interested in our VDS, which are particularly useful for those seeking Windows VPS/VDS.
    With just one VDS (our own in-house trial/evaluation Windows Server VDS), and another 2 trial to make a grand total of 3, the performance should be very good for now.
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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    We are amending T&C 2. to:
    2. If the subscription for the trial VPS is not completed within 6 hours, the trial VPS will be cancelled, unless prior arrangement has been made with ConceptLane.
    and have opened another trial slot as we have 2 trial signups who did not follow through with the PayPal subscription.
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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    One more trial slot available!

    Interested parties, please be advised that you are required to install the OS yourself via a VNC connection. The specific VNC port and password will be advised via email when the VDS is created.
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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