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    * URGENT- help wanted from webhosting gurus


    Running shoutcast server.

    1. Is there any flash player available to run .pls file for radio streaming?

    2. What are the suitable solutions for running this file on the website.

    I have installed wmp but it asks for plugin on firefox and mac.... I need the solution where the file streams easily without any plugins. That is why asking for flash player?

    Thanks in advance Web hosting gurus.

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    Do you actually need the playlist part? Could you just disassemble the file and do a redirect?

    How about turning it into an m3u instead of a pls?
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    The only player that will play .pls is winamp, If your wanting to have it play on a website then you need a windows media player script, and in that script will be a bit where you but http://your-ip:port but I would not recommend using your own IP if you have bought a shoutcast server then you can use servers IP, but if your using free shoutcast might be more difficult. If your wanting to broadcast with shoutcast then you will proberly be better with winamp and getting the pluggin for it and then doing what I said to get it on website.
    Hope this helps if not let me know.

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    No there are flash players but i am not able to get that. One I got is from w a v e streaming but then it is branded, I want the source code to be used by myself.

    I have made flash player, but its working local. When I upload on server it does not work

    Any clue? why

    Any other suggestion will be helpful


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    Is the ip address local e.g. 192.168 etc. as if so thats proberbly why and in which case you will need to change it to your own ip and change that in the flash player code, other then that only other is if your working behind a router you may need to open the port your using on the routers configeration.

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