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    Video recording through web cam


    In my web site i need to integrate video recording option through web cam so that user can record and upload. Can anybody give a suggestion on which server to use and client API to record video. I went through Red5,FMS and waza for server. But i actually dont know anything about client side.

    Any one pls help me.

    Thanks in advacne

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    I suppose first of all you need to make sure what you need for the web application to be able to do that task and then you will do the search for the web hosting solution which will mostly depend on the size of your needs

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    I assume that5 is the task for the dedicated server at least. I'm afraid but shared web hosting will not be able to handle that
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    I think to use Flash Media Server for storing the videos. But I actually need an client side programme built in flex to record and upload it to that server.Do you know any built in API for the recording f video with FMS

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    Here's a pre-built application that will run under fms, wowza, or red5.

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    Any other out of the box solutions that support it? I need it as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by livechatdir View Post
    Any other out of the box solutions that support it? I need it as well!
    Another one I know of is:

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