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    * [Unique] Professional WEB 2.0 Hosting Design (Coded in Valid XHTML/CSS))

    Nothing sells hosting like having a sharp looking website that is easy to use. If you make it simple for your visitors to find the information they need to sign up, that's exactly what they'll do.

    The goal of this design is to minimize unnecessary clutter and focus strongly on the aspects required to make the sale.

    Design Preview:

    The image in the center scrolls left/right automatically with as many images as you choose. It can also be controlled manually by using the arrows on each side. This is a great spot for promotions and other marketing materials.

    Price: $250.00

    What's included: Organized PSD, code, & Full rights to this design

    Extras: I will design and code any subpages you require for an additional $40/subpage.

    All payments via PayPal. Please respond here, PM, or contact via MSN if you have any questions or would like to purchase.

    Here's a comment from a previous customer (Thanks again!):
    Quote Originally Posted by HNLV
    Highly recommended designer.

    Dave is one of the prompt designers I've seen around, highly professional and very fast turn around time. No bull to deal with like I did with some of the past designers to get stuff done right. Dave gets it done right first time, you wont regret it.
    Thanks for looking,
    - Dave
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    This has been sold.

    Thanks for looking!
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