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    Talking I need your opinion!!

    I would like to know dedicated server hosting price
    Only verio..

    WIN2000 SERVER : USD 450 (SETUP: 450)
    (I can not remember the exact specification of server, but goo quality :512M)

    LINUX SERVER : USD 350 (SETUP: 450)

    Comments please....

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    Is this a server from Verio or are you just using their bandwidth?

    Either way, I'd probably go with the Linux machine, it's cheaper but then again I do not know the hardware so it is really quite difficult to judge. If you can post more information about your servers and if you could make your request a bit more clear, that would be helpful to us and beneficial to you.

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    It depends upon your needs. If you are using ASP or SQL you will need Windows. Both OS have their advantages, you need to choose the one which fits your needs the best.
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