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    problem with java

    i have html + java website and it dose not work fine .
    at the left page of i have java menu and it dose not load .

    when i ask my hosting provider them told me :

    - you are not able to see the left option in the main page of .

    - In the coding of index.html file , you have mentioned the following:
    script type="text/javascript
    But you are using JSP(java servlet pages) instead of java script for this. So you need to please correct it and use JS script instead of JSP script.

    now what should i do exactly ?
    i must change script type="text/JSP
    or do any other update ?
    (my menu name is menu.JSP)

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    It looks like you have this fixed - is it working as you expect now?
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    Usually you need to wrap your JSP calls in:

    <% %>

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    Java and JavaScript are two different things. Please clarify which you are trying to use (I am assuming JavaScript and you just didn't know that it was different from Java).

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