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    Run server as one or virtualize it into two servers?

    Assuming the host computer was the same... Would it be better for me to run server with apache and mysql on it w/o virtualization or would it be better to run something like Xen and run a virtual apache and virtual mysql server on the same host?

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    Personally I dont think there is a need to separate web and database into different virtual machines. You can run them in the same host without any problems. Just see to configure everything optimal and secure.

    Also hyper-Vs like XEN would take a _LITTLE_ resource of your system, so if you want to save that too, run it under the same host!

    MySQL queries will be much faster since it will be localhost, and do not have to go through the router to fetch data in a virtual machine.

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    I don't see an advantage to setting it up with virtual servers. It would really only be necessary if you needed a specialized system for a process.

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    I could only see a benefit in doing so if you want to make splitting http and db easier later on (move mysql off to its own hardware or add more web nodes/vms). Otherwise, it's just overhead imho.

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    I would have to agree with atbnet there are not many advantages depending on the size of your configuration.

    If it can all be handled by one server it would be best to keep it there.

    One reason to add virtualization is that once it is in place it would be easier to bring up a test server in the event you needed one.

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    why don't try both, setup system both ways, put a load, specific to your website (BB, or wordpress, or whatever you have) and see th ediiference. My guesses are that without VPPS it will work better, you never know and still you may have doubts even after you'll install based on somebody's recommendation, while if you test it you'll know for sure wha is better.
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