For the life of me I cannot remember what virus produces the following netstat results. I tried critical updates and ran the base line security scan, but Updates did not work ( as they did before. I was hit before with this and installed svc pack 2 )

Any one recognize this.

TCP anubis:1066 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1066 anubis:1067 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1067 anubis:1066 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1068 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1068 anubis:1069 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1069 anubis:1068 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1070 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1070 anubis:1071 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1071 anubis:1070 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1072 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1072 anubis:1073 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1073 anubis:1072 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1074 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1074 anubis:1075 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1075 anubis:1074 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1076 anubis:0 LISTENING
TCP anubis:1076 anubis:1077 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1077 anubis:1076 ESTABLISHED
TCP anubis:1078 anubis:0 LISTENING