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    need litespeed setup on my server

    need litespeed setup on my server + secured, will pay $50.

  2. whats your problem with litespeed ? there is an auto installer:

    tar xvfz lsws-xxxx.tar.gz
    cd lsws-xxxx

    # Follow the instructions on the screen.
    The following questions will be asked:

    1. User and group that the server process run on behalf of.
    2. Destination directory where the server should be installed.
    3. If an installed copy exists, choose either Update or Reinstall.
    Update will keep your current configuration.
    4. Administrator's user name and password for the administration web interface.
    5. TCP port for normal web service.
    6. TCP port for web administration interface.
    7. [Enterprise/VPS Edition Only] "root" user has option to enable "chroot". The installer will setup the initial chroot environment automatically. Chroot is an advanced feature and your CGI may fail without configuration tuning. We strongly recommend not enabling it unless you are familiar with "chroot". You can always enable it later with an upgrade installation.

    "root" user can also choose to run LiteSpeed web server as a service which starts automatically at system startup.
    Server can be started by the installer once it is installed successfully.
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