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    Please Review My Site.... thanx.

    Hi, I'm new here and I just completed my first site...

    just like your opinions on

    the partner, order links, and affiliate login don't work yet but will be shortly...

    any suggestion on how things can be improved would be great...I can take the heat...


    P.S. I'm using as a host, any opinions on that?

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    Nothing fancy, straight and to the point, I like it. If you can make it like you invision it with one click buying, I think it will be a great source for elder people and people who need an easier solution to order meds.
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    It's nice...I like the simple design. how is it that people can buy prescription drugs online, do they e-mail the prescription?
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    For something involving health and medicine, it seems like the site should be more professional looking. It seems like the site is professional in a more "fun" way with all the flashy colors and the font of the banner. Just my thoughs and how I think of health issues as it's a serious matter.

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    thanx for the responses...

    to order prescriptions, you click order on any of the pages which leads to a secure order page....etc...

    i agree it does seem a bit fun...I can always change the logo and color scheme.... what do you have in mind... since this is my first full site... i am open to ANYTHING...

    thanx, keep the suggestions coming,

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    The site looks good. I, too, was surprised by the bright colors, but I don't think it would stop me from fulfilling an order really. As a whole, you've done a nice job.

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    The site is laid out well. Seems to be easy to get around, which is very important because in the prescription drugs market, you probably need to market the older generation as much as the computer savvy.

    Cosmetic wise: I agree with the color scheme issues. Something more "professional". When I say that I mean a more fixed color scheme. You have about 5 different colors involved. Knock it down to 2, maybe a third for a highlight. Many medical related sites I have seen go with the darker colors (blue, purple). The right side navigation is hard to read with the white letters on the light orange. You want to make them stand out with more contrast (think of the elderly with bad vision). A rule of thumb is, if it's not a link, don't underline it. Underlined words on websites are universally known as links, if they aren't links, you will just confuse the user. Also, on your prices, why are they just numbers? It took me a bit to figure out they were the cost. If it's a price, make it look like a price ($125.00 not 125), best to right justify it too for easier reading.
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    this is infuriating...

    I just finished updating the site with some of the suggestion you stated but the ftp kept kicking me out because of a bad password.

    I had asked ArteryPlanet to help me setup/use their shared ssl certifcate for my online order page. I asked 2 days ago, still no answer until I got an email. Vic said he tried to set up my site to use the certificate, but now my site just redirects to arteryplanet home page and it takes forever to load because every page loads through ssl...he said this should be fixed by FRIDAY when his UK ssl guy get's in on it...


    this is what I get for going with a cheap host...
    anybody out there that can offer my cheap shared ssl and say 2-4gigs of monthly traffic?

    any comments?

    I hate this,

    P.S. Plus one weird FTP thing. Each time I try to upload (when it was working) any update page. it would upload half way that deny the upload. I had to delete the old file before I could upload the new one... what's going on? This is the first time this happened from all other hosts I've been with...
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    anymore suggestions?


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    99 dollars for a box of 30 clarityn ? they cost just over a fiver in the uk 5.00

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    yeah, this is a 'tad' high

    well, my site is in integration of 5+ affiliate program..Most of the pill selection is from one program, all others like allegra and claritin are from a different program. I can always find a different program that is cheaper...

    do you have a suggestion?


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    little update...

    just finished completely revamping the order page...
    my site is an affiliate of they gave this generic order form :

    which I ripped and re-pieced in this...

    any thoughts? suggestions?
    BMI calc won't work for some reason, and just need to update the price list...

    oh yeah, about the green...I changed from a harsh green to just a noticable deeper shade of orange...


    P.S. Plus it's my birthday today... turning ye old 22.

    P.P.S Just found a few other errors...cripe...

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    just a bump...

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