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Thread: SFTP host

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    SFTP host

    Can anyone recommend a good SFTP host? I am looking for someplace cheap to regularly upload backups via Acronis.

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    You could always get yourself a VPS and use it for backups...

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    Any provider who offer remote backup accounts with SSH access should be able to provide this to you.
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    Yeah just find a host you like the look of and then ask them if they can supply ssh access. If you explain what it is for lots will help.

    I would think a reseller account should do you, depending on how much you transfer obviously
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    Most offer this, shop around for the best Price per Gb/Redundancy drive space.

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    Please note if you do choose the shared hosting + ssh access route for this (which I don't recommend), make sure your provider is aware of this and the volume of traffic they should expect.

    Most shared hosting providers aren't geared up for monitoring bandwidth usage via SSH/SFTP nor are they designed for such purposes. Also note that many shared hosting providers, particularly those offering "unlimited" disk space, will prevent you from using their services for data backup via their terms and conditions.
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    You can set up your own solution for this using a Windows VPS. Either set up FTPS or SFTP based on your needs. Here's a couple of links that should get you going: Virtual Servers - Cutting edge technology, first class network, affordable prices! Managed and unmanaged. Virtual and Dedicated. Shared hosting, web design, application development, and more. Contact us here, or our website!

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    You would think a normal hosting account with ssh access would do you well.

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    To do sftp all you need is SSH access. Any VPS, Virtual Server or Dedicated Server will provide you ssh access. You can contact one of these providers.
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    I would suggest
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    Recommending, as always, here. Don't be put off by the old looking website - service is key, many here will agree.

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    MFTExpress ( offers FTPS and SFTP hosting accounts.

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    I'd also say look at

    They've been around for a while and are pretty cheap. However as noted, any server/vps with SSH can do SFTP. As a result, you can back up data to it.

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    To recommend, it depends on how much functionality you need, how many users you have connecting, what they are doing, how secure and how audited you want the platform to be.

    If you are looking for something that will always be available then you need to get a 100% uptime SLA from the company and ensure you are running on redundant branded hardware, not cheap hardware where if there is a failure you would be looking at 24 hours downtime and probably some data loss from the last backup.

    You need to consider security, probably need IPS and defo the server to be behind a firewall so you only want port 22 opened for your sftp client and 443 if you want to use a web based file upload system as well.

    Lastly you need an admin system to setup users, passwords, folders and permissions on the folders. You can either have a web based admin system or can login to the server remotely to configure. It's probably best to use Windows as then the interface is more user friendly. There are also event tools which can send out emails to your clients notifying them that files have been upload/downloaded etc and can also trigger other events.

    There are also features such as logging that you want to consider, you want to know who has accessed what and when if you find in a few years someone you have a lawyer asking who accessed one of their files, you can send them the report.

    Hope this helps.



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    How much backup space do you need.

    If you need a lot of storage space, a storage vps from is a great option. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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