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    outline sought for an openvpn setup for multiple users.

    Ive just installed openvpn on my vps and tried some of the simple tutorials to successfully get a client server going. I want to configure it so i can use it to bypass geographical barriers to uk sites such as the bbc and provide access to a small community i know (100 people +) at cost prices (that may change muh hah hah). My plan is to have a simple online checkout where my community of users can sign up/out using paypal as the payment method. This side is fine as i can do this in rails.

    Whilst i can programm server admin is new to me but im willing to get my hands dirty and like tinkering. Ive been reading up on subnets, nat, ssl, pki etc but I have a few questions Re: the openvpn config side.

    1) Whats the gen setup for this scenario. Do i have one instance of openvpn to each user i.e. 100 openvpn isntances for 100users? OR do i have 1 instance for all 100 users?

    What do the vpn providers such as strongvpn do for this? Im looking for a setup that covers my backside the most and that makes the user responsible for their actions (im not allowing p2p but i still want to be safe)

    2) Currently I have to manually create client keys, send them to the client via sftp. Is there another way to do this? I want to automate this so once payment is confirmed my rails app simply fires off some magic openvpn commands, the user gets an email saying their account is ready and everyones happy.

    Any help will be of great help!

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    Sounds like you need a backend for your web interface.
    you should look for a good programmer to do that for you.

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