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    Starting my own virtualization (VPS)

    I just bought a new machine and I am thinking to do my own virtualization (vps you call it) with 8 partition, and centos + cpanel vps & suse + webmin & windows & dnp. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem?

    1. Since I am new into VPS, how do I partition my server using CentOS?

    This is how i usually did on my dedicated box:
    boot 100mb
    swap 2048mb
    tmp 500mb
    / rest of space

    2. BTW my machine has 4 x 1TB of SATAII, I am still figuring how do I make a RAID (i understand most vps service does not do backup). Any comment on this?

    3. Once partition & installation is done, what kind of VPS software that they usually use? I read Virtuaozzo is pretty neat & popular. Is this correct?

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    You may start with this tutorial:

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    Great to know that you understanding the large scope of virtulizaton.
    let me see if i undestand you right,

    1, you want to do virtualization?

    Is this for windows as well as linux. If yes then i recommend that you go for Virtuaozzo as it supports both (costly though).

    Other options for linux would be openvz(only linux), xen(supports windows as well), vmware(vmware support both windows and linux). I also heard that RHEL would be releasing a new virtulization software based on KVM.

    2, suse + webmin & windows & dnp?

    Do you want to install suse+webmin and windows+dnp in the virtual environment? If yes i think it would be possible. But i prefer ubuntu+webmin as it proves to be more compatible.

    3, Partitioning?

    You has mentioned that you have 4 physical hard drives.

    In the primary hard disk where you plan to run the virtual environment , you can partition it as you have doen it on your dedicated machines. The only thing here to note in the amount of RAM that you plan to use {it should be very high(depends on many factors like what type of sites that would be hosted,etc )} also the swap size should be twice that os the installed RAM.

    4, Virtulization backup?

    You can use Righteous Software's CDP Server, which is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and recovery for servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

    or you can create your on backup script and take backup of the vps.

    Check :

    Read thread 716847 here in webhostingtalk

    5, Raid?

    What do want to accomplish with raid(redundany, performance etc)? (please specify the kind of raid you wish to implement)

    6, Virtuaozzo is pretty neat & popular?

    I second that, if cost is not an issue.


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    thanks for posting thoughts guys.

    Hardware & Hard Drives
    Since i have 4 x 1TB of SATAII Hard drives, i have the intention to do raid 0+1 (stripped with mirror). is this a positive choice?

    I have 2GB Ram in my machine now and i'm thinking to extend to 8GB RAM in the future. I suppose a CentOS 5 64bit is the way to go.

    As for backup, I decided to setup another dedicated server that runs virtualization using Vmware so that i can setup multiple FTP server for Linux and Samba for Windows. I suppose this is ideal, guys?

    I don't mind to pay for Virtuozzo, one main reason is because i see virtuozzo supports both and they're designed to serve VPS hosting provider

    Since I can do the same partition as I always did, the only thing I need is to worry about the ram & my raid setup

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