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    What happened to

    What happened to Does anyone know? The site is down and my site is also! They are my host and I haven't received any information about it. What is going on with them?

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    Funny... I see them posting in the forums letting clients know what is going on

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    Bad things can happen to good people. In this world, there is no guarantee that life would be perfect an easy. I wish them very soon recovery.
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    They've been back up for almost a couple of hours now...

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    I am not now, but I used to be a Hostmatters client, so I still drop in at their forum now and again. Yesterday, I tried to drop in while they were down. Hostmatters is an excellent host. The next time you see them down, I would recommend that you check their off network status page as I did yesterday. This status page is hosted on a server that is not on their network page and is a place to get information if their network is down for some reason. During the outage, the HM staff was diligently posting updates to that off network status page every few minutes as they learned more about the situation that had caused the outage.
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    Hosting Matters

    I am running a heap of accounts with them and they do pretty well. Yesterday was probably the biggest total outage that I have had with them in 2 years. Around 90 mins. The crew got on to things pretty quick and I am sure this little challange is going to make them a better host. Hey the internet is not perfect and their sites are up 99.9%. I am confident the same thing will not happen again. HM learns fast. Chicken I find Annette Is real straight forward and pretty blunt at times. Which is excellent in my books, it is better to be trusted & respected than liked.
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    Re: Hosting Matters

    Originally posted by Immortalone
    Yesterday was probably the biggest total outage that I have had with them in 2 years. Around 90 mins.
    same here. been there well over a year.

    btw, they are good for people who want to host multiple domains.

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