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    Mail server memory usage

    If you host your own mail server does it use a lot of resources.

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    it depends on the usage of your mail server and your server specs.
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    How many emails do you anticipate sending per day?
    What mailserver do you want to run?
    What hardware are you putting it on?

    If you can answer these we should be able to give you some better guidance
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    Can take a LOT depending on what you are doing with it once you accept it...SPAM, VIRUS checks can take up LOTS...

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    postfix+dovecot+amavisd+spamassassin takes about 500 mb of memory on a 64-bit system with 2 amavisd listeners.

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    And dkimproxy, SPF checkers etc.

    I would say that 3GB was ample though, assuming it's not all used up by other processes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamjam View Post
    If you host your own mail server does it use a lot of resources.
    The question arises "Why you need to have your own Mail Server" ?

    I think if you answer it you can find better solutions.
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    I thinks you will need a dedicated IP for this.
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