Grandioshost has started to roll out servers powered by Xen & VSControl and we are offering crazy promotions that you can not decline! All the resources you see below are dedicated to you and only you! Grandioshost cares and value their customers unlike any other company. That's why we provide true unparalleled support to our clients, powered by cutting edge servers and the high performance of Xen!

  • Intel Nehalem Processors deliver unmatchable performance with older generation processors
  • DDR3 Memory allows you as a customer for faster RAM access
  • RAID-10 storage arrays for hard drive redundancy and performance
  • All plans are standard with a 100Mbps port
  • Happy Support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Migration Assistance
  • R1Soft Backup's Available


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VPS128 - only $6.95/month
128Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
128Mb - Swap memory
5Gb RAID-10 storage
50GB Transfer
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VPS256 - only $14.95/month
256Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
256Mb - Swap memory
15Gb RAID-10 storage
150GB Transfer
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VPS512 - only $24.95/month
512Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
512Mb - Swap memory
25Gb RAID-10 storage
250GB Transfer
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VPS1024 - only $44.95/month
1024Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
1024Mb - Swap memory
50Gb RAID-10 storage
500GB Transfer
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VPS1536 - only $64.95/month
1536Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
1536Mb - Swap memory
150Gb - RAID 10 storage
1500GB Transfer
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VPS2048 - only $84.95/month
2048Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM
2048Mb - Swap memory
100Gb - RAID 10 storage
1000GB Transfer
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R1Soft Backup's Available!.