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    NameCheap Issues

    Let's see, I purchased an SSL certificate from NameCheap ( and when I tried to set it up, I got this lovely little error: {500}Error occurred in certificate completionSL-FP-A01:Error From SSL Service Provider;An error occurred in communicating with the GeoTrust API: [CODE: -2034] [MESSAGE: Error in Processing order with current selections Valid contract not found]. So what do I do? File a support ticket of course! So I filed the support ticket. And its been 6-7 hrs and guess what, STILL NO REPLY... 6-7 hrs and still no reply to a **** support ticket marked Critical..

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    Have you tried there live chat? It is on just about 24/7 and they will awnser for the most part in under a few minutes/
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    Yup, tried the live chat and they said they couldn't help and that I had to file a ticket

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    I actually have a few certs from namecheap and never had any issues like that. However, I have used their ticket system in the past - not the fastest, even with "critical" - but they are much faster than GoDaddy from my experience.

    wish we could help more - but kind of out of our hands, good luck though.

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    This looks like a bug in our order system that requires input from the development team. This can take a little longer as obviously our dev team are not 24x7. Rest assured that we will get this resolved to your satisfaction.
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