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    hiiiii plz answer me

    can i get any hosting protect me from any attacks ?
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    Thread moved to the Web Hosting Forum, where you'll likely get the most answers . What kind of attacks? Script hacking? DDOS?
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    Have you been attacked before? Was it random or targeted?

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    You will need to explain your question a bit more to get better answer, its too vague to answer.

    But yes many provider offer some sort of protection.


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    if you're targeted then you'll have a pretty hard time finding a host that can prevent every type of attack - if it's your site getting hacked then you may want to look at your site's code and make sure nothing is of low security - if it's a site issue then most hosts wouldn't be able to stop it anyway.

    but as others have said, you have to be a bit more specific on the type of attack, otherwise we are just blindly advising you and it's not useful for anyone.

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    I think as mentioned, the question is better asked. What kind of attacks are you looking to be protected from?
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    What kind of attacks are you looking to be protected from? DDoS or Hacking etc?

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    Have you been attacked before and does it happen a lot? What kind of attacks?
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    Hello. I suppose you need to specify related details with your web hosting provider. That is really important to understand that as for you as for your prospective host. Just do not try tyo solve your problem at your own

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    Yes, It will be better to inform and discuss with them about the attack you are experiencing. Hope they will assist you to get your issue resolved soon.
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    Normally noob hackers search files and folders which have write permissions enabled. But you have to tell us what kind of attack you have faced.

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