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    what kind of site generates traffic

    Well I wanted to test out some seo tips and tricks and when doing this I was wondering.

    What kind of website in general generates tons of traffic fast even if they may not come back or anything?

    I am using some seo tips from this forum on a small blog and am seeing tons of results. I am using the same thing on a more popular *older forum* and am getting visitors slower. Shouldn't the more popular forum get visitors faster with the same seo progress?
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    Good questions.

    I will get back to you on this.

    Feel free to drop us some info also
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    the reason eing is the blog has less pages and the froum will have more pages.

    In the long run as it builds enough link equitity/PR/Link juice to effect all its pages the forum will generate more traffic for more terms. You will also get more return visitors.

    The blog will rank quicker as it has less pages top spread its link equitity round, but doesnt have the same potential to delver as much traffic in the long run.

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    No doubt, forums are the great ways to generate traffics to your sites. Besides this blogging is also most effective way to attract lot of traffic to your website if it has good and valuable contents which will make your audience to feel real in you.
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    Article's I would say. If they are interesting and something people find useful then they will often click the link to your site.

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    Properly customized blogs do generate lots of traffic.Blogs having unique and resourceful content do fetch a lot of traffic because users will come to your blog for useful information.

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    I think a blogs or a forum tend to generate more traffic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkeden View Post
    What kind of website in general generates tons of traffic fast even if they may not come back or anything?
    I think that popular forums, article directories and blogs can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

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    Believe it or not search engines are important to your websites success. At the very least your website should be search engine friendly. Search engines should be able to easily extract all the content you want made public online and display relevant pages from your site within their search results.

    Many in the SEO industry argue against any standards since major search engines have their own way of defining relevant search results for particular keyphrase. The three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) have joined efforts to create some standards related to the most effective way to crawl a website. This collaborative initiative is, which outlines the protocol for a website site map and instructs each engine on which pages to crawl, how often to crawl them, and how relevant they are.

    There are other common best practices for redirection, avoidance of deceptive tactics like cloaking and hidden text, as well as labels for important content, and linking tactics.

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