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    Exclamation Looking for Multilingual Callcenter for message taking!


    We are looking for a multilingual callcenter,
    for message taking as an overflow to our helpdesk/sales desk.
    Some affinity with Webhosting is preferred but not a dealbreaker.

    Languages that need to be supported are EN, FR, ES, and NL

    Does anyone know of a callcenter that does this?
    Looking for 24/7 but 8/5 is also acceptable.

    Please do not PM but reply in the topic, so that if anyone else
    needs the same they can find it

    Thanks in advance!

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    Can you please PM me more information?

    Thank you

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    Just want to know if this is open too for outsourcing?

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    I think you will find it hard for a callcenter to be able to offer in 4 languages...

    What is your budget @ verdict your looking at $1000 per month for 24x7 with EN.

    We have the ability to offer ES and German but these would come at an extra $1k per language so your looking with us at $3000.
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