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    Question How to park a domain that does not connect anywhere?

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to "park" a domain in a way that it does not connect to anywhere?

    I recently registered a domain with Moniker and it keeps on defaulting to their parking page.

    I tried setting the DNS to NS1/2.mydomain.COM but that failed, I also tried setting to NS1/2.example.COM and that said some authorization error.

    I would like the domain not to connect to anywhere (i.e. when someone goes to it would show connection error) until I'm ready and update the DNS to my host's name servers.

    Appreciate any advice, thank you!

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    I don't think it will allow you to park a domain that doesn't point anywhere, but if you contact the company you registered it with they should be able to change it.
    It will not let you use false name servers as it needs to authorise them first.
    Other then contacting the domain company I don't think there is any other way, correct me if im wrong.

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    Create A-records that are false, ie or something.

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    You have to use a real name servers . You aregetting the error because the name servers you use does not exist.

    you can use our name servers

    and it will give not found error.
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    Just get name servers with your registrar and then point everything to All done.

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    Or you can add an add-on domain to your hosting account, then point the domain to those nameservers and just put up a blank page.
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