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    Looking for Quality VPS in Europe

    Hello Guys,
    I am looking for a good VPS in Europe, i need top notch Support and Very reliable company that can be give 100% of uptime, the master server should be maximum redundant so i don't need to worry at all, i am gonna run whmcs and i need it to sync with paypal 24/7 so uptime is very important for me,
    my VPS required specs :
    512MB RAM
    2GB Of Space
    20-50GB Of Traffic
    Connectivity minimum 100mbit shared
    Plesk Control Panel
    Prefered Location : NL,DE,BE
    Support : 24/7 with max 1 hour reply on tickets
    Budget : 50 Euro

    Please help me find just the Best Provider for my budget in Europe, also please don't suggest EuroVPS i know they are good but i have my reasons not to choose them,

    thanks alot in advance.

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    Your budget is more then enough for what you're looking for - have you checked in the VPS offers section?
    Ekin Ersoy
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    Ekin, i feel that looking in the offers section is useless because anybody can offer something but the real issue comes when they need to provide it,also looking there for good host in europe is like to look for a niddle in the ...., as i have said i am looking for something very stable with good reputation.

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    I wish I could give more info. about Europe, but I just got an account with KnownHost in the States and my experience so far has been good. You might see if it would fit your needs.

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