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    Vaserv frustration

    I am having a very frustrating experience with VAserv / CheapVPS / A2B2 , and would greatly appreciate it if anyone can suggest an alternative to them. I need a Xen based unmanaged VPS in the UK or Europe so that I have low ping times (better than 200ms) from Dubai.

    I've had a VPS with Vaserv since about a year, and needed another one, and ordered it on August 25. When I tried to sign up, my order got blocked because it triggered their fraud detection filters. I then contacted their admin Rus via chat, and he unblocked it for me, and I sent payment via Paypal. However, the next day I still didn't get the VPS. When I inquired, it turned out that their fraud detection filters blocked my order again. I had to send some identification documents which I did a couple of days later. Since then, they have promised a few times that my VPS will be set up "during the day". A couple of days ago they sent me another invoice for the same order, which I had already paid on Aug 25. When I complained someone named Erin said he'll speak with a senior admin as soon as he gets back from lunch. It's two days now, and haven't heard from him again and I still don't have a VPS - 18 days after I ordered it.

    I was quite happy with them until I made this new order. They are still quick to respond when I send an email, but they seem to have forgotten how to set up a simple VPS.

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    Your order was cancelled as it failed fraud checking. We said we will refund it within a few days. We quite simply aren't willing to take the risk with your order as it scored 10/10 on maxmind
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    That's not true. I did get an email two days ago where Rus said the order would be cancelled, but I didn't understand if he meant the entire order or just the second invoice which was sent on on the 11th. No reason was given either, so I assumed he meant the 2nd duplicate invoice.

    I just checked my inbox, and I have emails on Aug 31, Sep 1, Sep 3, Sep 9, and Sep 11 where various members of VaServ staff have said they are working on the VPS and will set it up for me. At least two times I was told it would be set up during the day. Once I was told the delay was due to some hardware that was due to be delivered. Another time I was told that Gentoo was not available as I had requested and I agreed to have Debian instead. I was never informed that my order was canceled due to failed fraud checks, even after I sent ID documents on Aug 31.

    If you don't believe me, I can post all correspondence between me and Vaserv online.

    When my order was first flagged as fraud, someone had asked why my geographic location in Dubai differed from my US billing address. I had explained that I used to be in the US am currently working in Dubai. You could have told me then that this explanation was not enough, and I would have clarified it some more, or offered some other proof of identification, or used a credit card from a Dubai bank, or I could have asked a colleague in the US to set up a new VPS order. But you never once told me that my order was being delayed due to fraud, and kept telling me every few days that it would be set up soon.

    I have another VPS with you since about a year. I have no idea why you don't consider that one a fraud as well. I had also explained that I did not use the same Vaserv account for this new order because there was a bug in the website order form that would not let me choose a UK VPS from my old account. It was Rus that advised me on your website's LiveHelp chat, to create a separate account with another email address.

    In short, I did everything you asked me to, and have been quite patient with you all this time, but your behavior in all this has been very unprofessional.
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    Btw, this is the first time I heard of Maxmind. I checked their website and one of their criteria for fraud is high risk IP addresses. In Dubai, UAE, all web traffic goes through a few transparent proxies for censoring purposes. So to web servers these IP addresses seem to be originating a DDOS attack since the entire country's http traffic passes through them. I get blocked by some websites for this reason. I often use a proxy (on one of my own servers) for web browsing, but this gets flagged for fraud at times.

    Anyways, I could have explained this by email or telephone if anyone at Vaserv requested, instead of wasting so much time.

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