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    * VB Hacks Anyone?

    If you need help installing some of the latest hacks for VBulletin please contact me.

    There's just a very small fee, very small


    TOP 5: (Top 5 posts, Top 5 last registered, Top 5 last replies, Popular thread by views, Top voted post)

    Hangman: The game

    Top Poster and Thread Starter: Like Top 5, but with only top 1 for each.

    Mouseover: For you forum cells.

    Fader: For displaying news.

    and more.

    All hacks are credited to the author. You must have a VBulletin License.

    I also provide customization.

    Finally the right forum.

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    Do you mind displaying the costs for your hack installations?

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    I guess that depends on your board version and what hack exactly you want installed ... since those two things can give some insight on the time needed for adding them ...

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    $20 for any hack listed, and any not listed that we currently support. We will not install a hack that has not been proved out in production aand supprts the latest version of VB 2.2.8. Most hacks from 2.2.5 and above usually work with 2.2.8. We will confirm this before installing.

    - We back up all templates and index.php before doing any install
    - Once installation is complete we modify the hack to have the same look as the forum (colors, etc)

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    Spellcheck Hack

    Do you think you can install a spellcheck hack and at what price?

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