We're a hosting company based in Mumbai, India with over 700 clients (many of which are large companies), and over 12,000 domains to our credit, albeit not directly placed on our nameservers.

If you're looking to sell your hosting clients & close your company or otherwise sell your entire company (incl your parent domain, etc) please post a reply below.

We're looking for companies/small groups/one-man hosting that have 5000 or less domains, but ideally not too low

We'll pay you a fraction of the renewal cost for the client in question, on a per client basis. If any client does decide to not shift, and leaves that will not be included in the totals.

The hosting we provide will be windows 2008 R2 based, and includes full support for php/mysql. LAMP only sites will not run natively due to the path references - but all else will. Linux clients will be accomodated accordingly.