Kwikcontent The domainer's best friend - Automated Content Generation

Kwikcontent turns your domain names into revenue earning machines that will be indexed by the search engines, attract and retain highly targeted visitor and allow you to keep 100% of earnings instead of sharing them with domain parking companies

Automated content generation via Yahoo and Youtube Api's
Search-engine friendly URLs for all pages on site.
Semantic HTML markup is used to support the organization of your site’s content relevant to your keyword topics.
Automated window title, meta description and meta keywords for all of your aggregated content sections.
Ability to customize SEO information for custom created content.
Create your own RSS feed pages.
Create custom static pages in addition to the automated content.
Built in support for Google AdSense and Google Analytics
Easy to customize and very developer friendly, the templates are based on the Smarty engine
Supports multiple websites from a single set of files and a single database
Sitemaps for Google, Bing, Yahoo
Unlimited license to use on all domains that you own
And much more!

Sites have been sold using Kwikcontent for thousands of dollars and is great way to make use of all your domains that are still waiting to be developed.

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