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    Win2k3: NTDetect failed and SATA hard disk

    Sorry if i don't make any senses, bad grammar or spelling since I've been up all night since 3am this morning trying to get my Win2k3 Standard R2 server to work.


    I did some Windows update around 3am this morning but during the update process. I lost Remote desktop connection as my machine is do several attempts to connect with the remote server. I cancel the attempt after several try. I figure i can remote desktop back in again if i wait for a bit but I couldn't re-establish the connection with my remote server. So, I drove to the Datacenter to check it out and it turn out the machine have rebooted and I'm stuck with "NTDetect failed" error message. After some googling, I was trying to fix this error by copying NTLDR and NTDetect.COM into C: but when i tried to use the Win2k3 CD to go into Windows Setup and repair. I got an error message telling me that "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer...".

    After some googling, I found the two Maxtor SATA hard disks might be the problem and one soultion that i found was to disable the SATA or set it to IDE since the motherboard have nvida RAID controller onboard. I check the BIOS and the RAID is set to disabled and then i tried to disable SATA and only enable IDE. It still give me the same error message about not able to find any hard disk.

    I'm on my last rope here. I'm short of reformatting the hard disk and do a fresh reinstall but I will like to avoid this.

    Does anyone know if cancel Remote desktop connection attempt during Windows update process cause this NTdetect failed problem or something else that might related to my hardware. I can assure you that two SATA hard disks shown on BIOS.

    The soultion to NTDecte failed problem seem to be just copying NTLDR and into C:\ but since i can't even get to Repair mode during Windows setup with no disk install error. Can someone recommand how to solve this problem?

    The motherboard that i use is ASUS M2N-MX SE AM2 NVIDIA GeForce6100 / nForce430 and the BIOS is American Megatrends Inc.


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    Canceling out of remote desktop will not affect anything.

    The 2k3 cd cannot see drives in native sata mode unless you have specifically slip streamed the drivers, so you *must* work from ide mode.

    In addition, you may need to use the, is it F5/F6?, key during the cd boot to specify additional disk drivers be loaded from floppy during the cd boot. If a compatible driver is not on the cd, then no loading the drivers from floppy at this stage *will* cause the no drives message. The prompt flashes by pretty fast.

    Look for a tech note on the Nvidia site specific to Win2k3 installation procedures.
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