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    Gaming Organization Logo Redesign


    I'm involved in an online gaming organization that has a decade old logo that needs to be updated. The logo was created in Photoshop around 1999-2000, but the PSD files were lost long ago. The logo will first need to be recreated from scratch. Some text will be added to it so a version with and without text will be required. I will provide reference material to help the graphics artist recreate some of the finer details of the image.

    I request that any interested parties private message me with their contact information and a link to their portfolio. I will reply with the URL of the logo so that you can provide a quote. Payment will be made via PayPal so the graphics artist must be able to accept it.


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    Dropped a PM off to you with the relevant info. I look forward to hearing back from you
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    I sent you a PM with the required information.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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    The bidding process is closed now. A selection will be made shortly. Thank you to everyone.

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