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    Nameservers and domains - confused

    I have a question about nameservers in regards to how they work with reseller hosting accounts.

    I have unfortunately gotten myself into a bit of a DNS mess. Here's how it is.

    I have a reseller hosting account. My domain name is not registered there. It is registered at namecheap, NS1, and NS2 are registered at namecheap. is obviously pointing at and

    Those two DNS servers are pointing at the Reseller's DNS IP's.

    So when I login to WHM and create a WHM somehow communicates with the nameserver.

    That's all fine and dandy, but the problem is that my hosting provider provides me with a domain reseller I used it for a while, but now I want to switch domain reseller providers while keeping the hosting provider the same.

    It should be as easy as logging into my namecheap account and pointing the and at the NEW ip's my new domain reseller gives me.

    But how does the new nameserver know where is hosted when it switches domain resellers?

    The whole thing is a mess and right now my site is down, but does anyone really know of any easy DNS and nameserver documentation to read? I understand most things, but some things about DNS totally escape me.

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    How were you previously accessing your domain reseller account - was it a subdomain, or a seperate domain from your hosting reseller account?

    IF it was a sub-domain, you would need to redirect it to your "new" domain reseller account - assuming you would be getting "whitelable" hostnames from the domain reseller you are moving to?

    IF you are using a different domain name for your domain reseller services, then, as you said, it would simply be a case of changing your nameserver IPs to the "new" domain reseller services, as LONG AS in the "new" domain reseller account, you have setup the domain name you will be using ...

    Hope that makes sense .. if not, post your current hosting reseller url, and your domain reseller urls so that we can lookup the dns entries you've currently got setup for them.

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