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    Limit bandwidth by country?

    Hi all

    Does anyone know any way of limit bandwidth by country?
    International bandwidth isn't cheap here.. so we're looking at measures to limit bandwidth (connection speed) by country.

    Could this be achieved?

    I would imagine this would involve some kind of IP lookup to determine visitor traffic, and then limiting if there were rules in place. Done a good search online but haven't found anything.

    And also, is there any way of monitoring international bandwidth per cPanel account - easily? (Instead of having to go through each clients logs one by one!)

    We're running a cPanel server and was wondering if this could be done on the server.


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    You need to make your own Apache mod.

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    First problem easy to solve by nginx with buit in ngx_http_geo_module.
    You can setup nginx as frontend of apache.
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    how about..

    some front-end which loads its content by rewrite directive from multiple vhost (unique ip + mod throttle) based browsers information (or geo module).. main data could be shared by apache proxypass directive

    so, front-end address would be which leads to if visitor seems to come there and mod_thorttle will give as much as configured to that ip address.
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