ServerOrigin.Com is a leader in providing businesses with innovative technical solutions, utilizing the industry's most advanced methods and technologies throughout all of our products and services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you become and remain on the absolute cutting edge.

Our DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) hosting solution offers you full DDoS protection for a wide-range of HTTP-based attacks while you keep the same features of a normal hosting account. Want to keep your current website host? Click Here to check out our solution for you!

Promote your business, interest or hobby with your own domain name and website. If you don't know which plan is good for you or you have any questions regarding our web hosting services, please contact us.

All of our servers come configured with the latest and greatest of the industries leading open source technologies PHP, FreeBSD UNIX, MySQL and Apache Web Server! Every server has our industry leading DDOS Protection with protection up to 50k Packets Per Second in place with additional protection available upon request!

Additional Features

Sleep well at night guarantee! - We guarantee you the ability to know your business is safe. Our 24x7x365 staff will monitor your server and
verify it is online and performing at optimal speeds year-round.
24x7x365 Ticket Support - Our highly trained support staff is available 24x7x365 for your convenience.
Peace of Mind - ServerOrigin has been providing hosting service for over 3 years.
99.98% Uptime Guarantee - Unlike many other providers, we provide a guarantee and if your service ever drops below that number, we will compensate you for the time.
More than 5,000 Clients Strong - ServerOrigin has a solid client base and is currently a debt-free privately owned LLC. We have very little
overhead and that allows us to provide our clients with lower cost solutions with high levels of service.
True UNIX Environment - FreeBSD 7.2 servers with cPanel 11 + Fantastico.
Never Oversold! - ServerOrigin makes a guarantee to our customers that we will never oversell our hosting services. We know
that the speed we provide you, affects how your customers see you. We will make sure to provide you with the absolute best service available.

Instant Account Activation on most accounts where validation is immediate.

ServerOrigin - cPanel Shared Web Hosting, Shared DDos Protected Hosting, ethProxy Protection, VPS Hosting, and Backup Storage offers the following hosting solutions:

Reliable DDoS Protected hosting from $49.99/Month!
* Diskspace: 20,000 MB
* Transfer: 1000GB
* 1 Domain
* TCP Filtering: 50Mbps
* Bandwidth Filtering: 100Mbps
* Packets Per Second: 20,000
* CPanel 11 Control Panel + Fantastico + RVSkins
* 24x7x365 Support
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Ultra Hosting at $99.99/Month!
* Diskspace: 30,000 MB
* Transfer: 2500GB
* 2 Domain
* TCP Filtering: 100Mbps
* Bandwidth Filtering: 300Mbps
* Packets Per Second: 35,000
* CPanel 11 Control Panel + Fantastico + RVSkins
* 24x7x365 Support
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Ultimate Hosting at $129.95/Month!
* Diskspace: 60,000 MB
* Transfer: 3500GB
* 3 Domain
* TCP Filtering: 200Mbps
* Bandwidth Filtering: 500Mbps
* Packets Per Second: 50,000
* CPanel 11 Control Panel + Fantastico + RVSkins
* 24x7x365 Support
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More Information on our regular Shared Hosting Plans Available at: Website Plans

We offer additional Advanced DDOS Protected for High Risk Websites, in excess of 50,000PPS, from $199/Month!!!
NO Setup Fees

ServerOrigin.Com: In business since early 2006. Reliable service. Friendly support.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the server redundant in case of any drive failures?
Answer: Yes! The data is actually stored on RAID1, and the servers use redundant power supplies fed from diverse sources.

Do you offer free migration?
Answer: Free migration is available with a 24-hour window.

How fast is the account setup?
Answer: Accounts are setup instantly unless there is an issue with the order. Domain orders can take a little longer depending on the verification of the billing information.

What kind of support do you offer?
Answer: ServerOrigin.Com provides 24x7 Unlimited support. On-call support after hours for emergencies as well as 24x7 monitoring of all servers.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Answer: Please email our sales staff at: [email protected]
You can also place a ticket via a web-based ticket system at: