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    ZipServers review and warning to clients of Parallels Business Automation

    ZipServers was not a good experience for me. I'll elaborate in a minute, but first the warning to clients of companies using Parallels. If you have client-side scripting disabled, it appears you can't cancel. You will click submit/save on the cancel form, and it will load, but it will not save your cancellation request - it looks like the default form handler doesn't do anything, and the system uses Javascript to direct the form data to the right handler.

    Now on to ZipServers. I usually try to be the positive voice in a sea of negatives on this forum, but I can't avoid it this time. We got a VPS there about three months back because I figured being in Softlayer they'd have a pretty good setup.

    If you've seen some of my other threads in the VPS section, I have very specific needs. Very little resource usage required, all I need is low IO-wait. After about 24 hours, my load averages are shooting up because of IO-wait... so I file a ticket asking what's going on.

    They re-format the VPS. I didn't ask for this, and thankfully I didn't have any data on there that was important. I set things up again, and again, high IO-wait. So I file a ticket, and they tell me the node we're on is obviously overloaded and on sunday they'll move me to a brand new node when it's set up. I don't remember the details, but I think there was a delay in being moved - either way, after the move it was bliss... for a while.

    I'm assuming we were only enjoying no IO-wait because they hadn't yet piled the new node full of clients, because about a month later it was again experiencing high loads due to disk access blocking.

    We eventually give up on VPSes all together and buy a dedi from Jose at TMS, which so far has been wonderful (review forthcoming). On September 4th we finally get the last of the clients moved off, so I file cancellation... at least I thought I did. At first I couldn't find the option to cancel a server, so I email support. They sent me a response, but I'd already found the "terminate server" link on my own. I fill out the form, saying that the IO-wait was unbearable and thanking them for their time. I click submit, the page loads, I close my browser. See the above snafu.

    We were charged again on the 10th, so I file a ticket. I tried calling, but no one picks up the phone. I sat on hold for a good 10 minutes before being transferred to voicemail, so I leave a message with a callback number and tell them I've filed a ticket as well.

    Apparently because of the above snafu, they obviously have no record of my cancellation request. Even though I can now show the exact scenario under which I fill out their form and their system drops the ball (as a hobbyist web developer I'm sickened by the notion of any e-commerce software relying on client side scripting to function correctly), they also have email from me indicating my expression to cancel well within the allowed time period (72 hour notice, I requested on the 4th to cancel on the 10th).

    So what do you think, should me browsing the web without Javascript enabled penalize me for "not canceling" on the date I "requested" (to be pedantic, the POST request for that form did go out from my browser to their server)?
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    If this can be replicated and confirmed I find it hard to justify them not accepting the cancellation request. At the very least a warning should be added to warn customers of this.

    Does their policy state that you will get a confirmation of the cancellation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyan View Post
    If this can be replicated and confirmed I find it hard to justify them not accepting the cancellation request. At the very least a warning should be added to warn customers of this.
    That's what I was thinking - I clicked the submission form, and the page loaded. I held up my part of the bargain, but they don't seem to have any interest in refunding the payment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyan View Post
    Does their policy state that you will get a confirmation of the cancellation?
    I didn't see any mention of it, but regardless, when I canceled again on the day of the above post after enabling Javascript the only "confirmation" I got was a small notice on the subsequent page.

    Their cancellation policy states:

    Cancellation: ZipServers requires a three (3) day, i.e., 72 hours notification before your next anniversary billing date. Cancellations must be submitted to accounting inside the Customer portal located at for dedicated customers and for VPS and new dedicated server customers prior to your next billing cycle. Cancellation request must include the last four digits of the credit card used for signup, user/pass to server, and IP address for server, and when the server should be taken offline. Subscriber failure to make a proper cancellation request on time will result in regular billing cycle for subscriber server(s). All Customer data remaining after the cancellation date will be destroyed for security and privacy reasons, unless otherwise required by law.
    I hope they don't try and burn me again for not including the credit card digits this time, if that happens we will be filing a chargeback for that payment and the last payment they charged. I haven't filed one because I'm still hoping for an amicable agreement - they started ignoring me after I showed the reason my cancellation request didn't go through, so I'm kind of hoping they're confirming it and working out what to do.

    I know it's only a $10 VPS, but it's the principle of the thing... and I wouldn't be so mad (indeed probably wouldn't even have canceled) if their service was as good as they said it would be. I would have canceled in the first week if they'd told me from the get-go that high IO-wait was typical of their service, but they told me I'd get moved to a new node, then everything was great. Then when the problem came back, they said "sorry, that's typical". Then, after I cancel, they burn me for another month.

    I'll try email them again and see what they say.
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    I had same kind of experience of them. Last month I asked to cancel the VPS but still it running. Every month I'm billing against additional ip address even I don't know address of it.

    Also I have installed Webmin on two VPS for host singel web site. But when server load goes bit high, all the Webmin process are terminated automatically.

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