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    Question Anyone know any good online data backup companies to resell for?

    - Wasn't sure where to post this, please move if needed and I apologize.


    I am currently signed up with a reseller account, but looking at other services which may be more beneficial to us both cost and reliability wise.

    Looking for something similar to:

    Preferably with the following:
    1. Mac OSX compatible
    2. Windows Compatible
    3. Ability to do scheduled backups automatically
    4. Ability to upgrade to a white label option
    5. Ability to use the online backup as a mapped drive on the client machine
    6. Secure
    7. Affordable

    It doesn't need to have all the features above, but those would be ideal.

    Thank you in advance for your replies

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    BQBackup is an excellent backup service, although I do not know what platforms they specifically support.

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