Welcome to the realm of NC-Designs Hosting Solutions SHOUTCast products! The most powerful SHOUTCast management scheme and package allowance on the net!


All of our amazing SHOUTCast products come complete with:
- Complete Centova Based Server Management Interface
- No hidden fees, setup fees or excess charges/VAT
- Complete live stats system so you can see who is tuned in at any time!
- Monthly royalty reports for your radio
- 128kbps max bitrate!!!!
- Fully featured start page and easy integration
- All from just 5.00 per month!

128KBPS Bitrate
30000MB Bandwidth
50 Listener Slots
5.00per month!
128KBPS Bitrate
60000MB Bandwidth
100 Listener Slots
9.00 per month!
128KBPS Bitrate
80000MB Bandwidth
150 Listener Slots
JUST 13.00 per month!

View all of our plans, further details and detailed information for each component here - https://nc-designs.co.uk/SHOUTCast.php