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    Any good antivirus for Linux server?


    I have a dedicated Linux server I386, do you know a good antivirus I could install + the trial download link please.

    I am not technical at all, I know windows but not Linux,when I look for Linux software all sort of things comes up, rpm,bsd...I am just lost.

    I was on the avg website but they ask the crazy price of 800 Euros for the anti virus/per year, there is no way I spend that much on it.

    Do you know another anti virus with a trial download link please for this type of server? I have been on many websites but I am really scared to download the wrong system, for example on the avast website you find many types of downloads but none of them show the I386 compatibility.

    One more thing, I host my mails on this server...if this changes anything for the download,,.my budget is a max of 250 per year.
    Thank you for your help,


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    Which Linux flavor are you using?

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    clamav + amavis will work for your mail server. You're in the wrong frame of mind, though, thinking you'll need a "trial download" or that you'll need to have a budget of 500 USD a year . . . all this stuff is open source, i.e. free!

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    I know it is free but a security consultant told me not to trust Clamav.
    My customers will constantly upload mp3s, videos and other files on the server, up to 1 5 gb per day, he told me that avg was pretty good for the job but not clamav.

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    which linux dist. are you running? centos? you should download for the correct linux dist. if you have centos you can download the .rpm made for it. RPM is like a selfinstaller for linux

    ps: not sure if you know but virus arent common on linux.

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    Hi ActiveForce.
    Ihave this
    CENTOS 5.3 i686 standard,

    But I cannot understand is that the server support guys says it is an I386 pc.
    It is for a server where I also host my emails on.
    I have sent this page to my server support:

    Bu they said it was not good because there was no I386 support, no idea what it means...

    So I have found this page:

    But none of the download trial links works, and you cannot click on the home page, I cannot see any...strange.



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    Does not matter if it is i386, i586 or i686 right now. Its 32 bit OS and thats all there is to it.

    If your just having your clients upload content to your server, make sure you give proper permission/ownership to those files (only read, no exec). Then there is no need for an anti-virus

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    Thanks Gamesh,

    I need to have an anti virus because if one day something happens to the server at list I can say to my customers I tried whatever I could in order to stop things going bad,this is why I take a very important approach to the safety of the customer datas.
    The problem is that I will resell the uploaded files, this means that even if someone upload a virus on my server,it will be fine but when the customer will download the same file on a window machine,there the problems will start because it will be my fault in a way.

    Do you know if it is a problem to install a 32 bit antivirus on a 64 bit machine?
    Also as you can see on this page:

    there is a bit at the bottom saying:

    Download i586-x86-64-em64t-patch: This patch solves segfault issues related to some 64-bit x86-64/EM64T Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS and similar. Install all software as usually and in the case of segfaults apply this patch.

    My server has 8 processor and it is a 64bit operating system, I cannot see in this section and anything about my server but,there is a patch for the other 64 bit systems,,,and this is where I can confused .



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    You can try avg trial here,


    or mcafee

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    thank you so much!!!I could not find this link lol


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