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    Wowza Mediaserver or FMS ?


    Any thoughts on whatīs the best Flash media-server?

    I donīt have money to purchase Adobe FMS now, but are considering to purchase Wowza Media server.

    My experiences with Flashcoms . com and Red5 isnīt good at all. Keep bugging our chat site all the time.

    Is Wowza good enough - and considerable better than Red5 ??

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    I prefer FMS purely because I don't like programming server side logic in java like you have to do with wowza. However, Wowza has a couple nice features that FMS doesn't, plus you can use it in conjunction with Amazon EC2 (cheap way of getting started without having to pay for a licence upfront). Wowza are helpful and professional and have a good reputation for reliability - many of the big CDN's that stream flash video are using wowza in the backend, which wouldn't be the case if they weren't confident in it given that red5 is available for free.

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