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Thread: Enjoyvps review

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    Enjoyvps review

    I've been in Enjoyvps for one and a half months.

    I can say that is good for students, practices and so on. Perhaps for backups. But I do not recommend using in production purpose.

    My vps fails in many occasions for short periods but today was down for several hours.

    When you contact with support they can answer or not. My vps is working now, but I sent a ticket (high priority) to know the circumstances of the down and 8 hours later no answer.


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    Thanks for your review, hope they'll provide better support in the future.

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    France / Switzerland

    Thumbs down


    Unfortunately we confirm the lack of seriousness of EnjoyVPS.
    2 tickets opened and still no response this is 1 week for the first and 4 days respectively.
    One for a problem with iptables, one for coupuressubit for hours and off-line VPS and without explanation from them.
    Review: vps unusable. Money was thrown to the dustbin of delays for our customers!
    Then after 12 days at home we say to flee, total disrespect of the customer, no communication, non-existent services.
    To say that they are professionals? I doubt it!


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    You don't seen very angry about the service. But after reading it again the service sounds quite bad...

    If the server goes down often or for long periods of time and they don't respond to tickets, then i'd have to say that it's not good for anyone, including students and people who are learning.

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    I'm sorry to hear about the poor level of service in which you have experienced with this company. I do hope your next web hosting provider is able to meet your needs more effectively. Best of luck!
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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience i hope you made backup.

    1 week with an response it crazy.

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    It seems to me Enjoyvps is managed by a One-Man Band.

    Cheap hosting it's always the same story: you get what you pay for...

    Is it better to work with a small company (Enjoyvps) or a big company (Fsckvps)? Which scenario is worse?

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    There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarious

    Generally smaller companies "know" their customers (more family oriented) and receive much faster support support compared to larger companies. You'll feel that they really care about you.

    Bigger companies have bigger and better resources so this may already have enticed you.

    Ask yourself this - Would you rather work for a smaller or bigger company?

    I don't really care for if a company is a one man show as long as it's operated correctly and professionally. *Cheaping* on hardware is a big no no.
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    EnjoyVPS.... the name says it all
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    You could always try to look for a better one, well of course it still depends on the budget you're willing to pay regarding the quality of service you're gonna get.

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