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    MDB2 Error: database error

    An error has occurred

    Error when executing: MDB2 Error: no such table

    _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: SELECT * FROM accounts] [Native code: 1146] [Native message: Table 'abcd.accounts' doesn't exist]
    using linux centos and have only ssh access.

    how to check that database is sucessfully imported or what is the above error. i can't resolve it.

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    Please check this on ssh

    1. type command and press enter and provide correct username and password

    mysql -u username -p

    2. check database

    use database; [where database is your desire database name]

    3. show tables; [you will see list of all tables which are part of that database.

    4. type -> exit and press enter key to logout from mysql.

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    This type of error occurs even though the mentioned table exist . If you still have issues please provide us with more details . What exactly are you doing to get to the problem . Any softwares that you are trying to install? - the name says it all!
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    When i type

    the use command

    it says" Database changed"

    and show tables give me

    "Empty set (0.00 sec)"

    This mean it have no table inserted or what ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nura235 View Post
    This mean it have no table inserted or what ?
    yes , it means two things

    1. That you have not created a table
    2. You have not copied your tables files in mysql recognized format , probably due to import issues. This usually happens when you simply copy the files over to a new mysql host or due to permissions issues
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