Jon Barber, CEO of Canada-based Dynaworx Inc. and longstanding PEER 1 customer commented: "Ten years as a top business hosting provider is a major achievement that PEER 1 should be very proud of, and we should know! Dynaworx has been a PEER 1 customer since the first day of its first data center and our relationship with them over the years has been instrumental in enabling us to grow to over 200 servers and realize our own business potential. PEER 1 has consistently valued our business, sought to collaborate, and acted as a genuine partner throughout our relationship to date. We congratulate the company on its success now and into the future."

PEER 1 began in 1999 at the outset of the Internet age when founder Lance Tracey, alongside then CTO Mark Teolis, set up the original network infrastructure to offer affordable web access to customers. Ten years later, PEER 1 has grown to a 360-strong international team delivering global business hosting solutions through its 10GB SuperNetwork(TM) and 16 data centers around the world. PEER 1's more than 10,000 customers ranging from startups to enterprises benefit from its 100% uptime guarantee and FirstCall Support(TM) promise.

"Ten years is a long time in hosting and our anniversary celebration is a testament to the strength of our business," said Fabio Banducci, President and CEO of PEER 1. "Investing in leading-edge technology to support our IT infrastructure, and investing in our people to deliver remarkable customer support are integral to our success. I congratulate our customers in the ongoing success of their businesses which PEER 1 is proud to support and I applaud the talent and dedication of our personnel around the world."

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To take this celebration one-step further, 4 PEER 1 employees took it upon themselves to show their pride and spirit by getting company tattoos. View the video of this here: