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[Whats Included with Owned License
* Lifetime Support/Upgrades for Current Version (every other kayako reseller for example you get support directly from Kayako for 90 Days and then you have to pay about $40-$60 every 6 months)
* FREE Installation - We will install for you.
* FREE Upgrades - We will perform your upgrade for you. (Everyone else charges $30-$60 for this each time you wish to upgrade)

Q: What do you mean by lifetime of current version?
A: For example current version of Kayako is v3.xx.xx and it has been around for over 4 years now. So you get free support/upgrades until version 4.xx.xx comes out at which time there will be just a small fee to extend your support for life of the 4 version tree (price to extend has not been determined yet but won't be more then $200) which small fee is better then paying $50 every 6 months in the long run end up paying more.

Q: Who is support provided by?
A: Support will be provided by Digital Mayhem. If there is an issue we can't resolve we will open a ticket with the software vendor on your behalf... Though if you wish to have Direct Support from them then you would need to get a Support/Upgrade Subscription....

Q: How do the FREE Upgrades Work?
A: Once a New Stable Build is Released we wait approximately a week to make sure no problems are reported with it then we will send out notifications letting everyone know that new version has been released and when we will be doing upgrades (we do them in batches) you would just need to submit your interest for the upgrade with all the requested details by the deadline and you will be upgraded when we do all the batched upgrades... (Note: You are responsible for taking a complete backup before the scheduled time)

Q: What if I want a upgrade during a non-batch upgrade time.
A: Since your Upgrade would not be during a scheduled time and we would have to pull staff off of another task we would have to charge for upgrade but we offer Upgrades at a fraction of the price others charge. Our Upgrade price is only $25 as most other places charge $40-$60.

Q: Once I place order how long until license is activated?
A: Usually within 1 hour during our normal business hours 10am-10pm PST but we ask that you allow up to 24 hours...

Q: How do I get my Free Domain with my Owned License Purchase.
A: Once you place your order once we activate it we will include in the Welcome/Activation Email a Coupon Code you will then use this coupon code to go to to place your order for free domain name of your choice (Restrictions Apply: Only valid for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domains)


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SupportSuite Monthly Lease = $35.96 Normal Price: 39.95
SupportSuite Hosted Solution (Monthly) = $35.96 Normal Price: $39.95

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eSupport Owned w/free domain = $254.95 Normal Price: $299.95
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