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    Cpanel login not working in IE 8?

    I use a mac, and customer using IE 8 not able to login to cpanel?
    It works in IE7, firefox, etc..

    Anyone else have the same issue?

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    I use IE8 and FireFox and cPanel 11 works fine in both of those browsers. You might want to have them clear cache/cookies on their IE and have them try again, making sure they aren't going to the SSL secure cPanel.
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    yes works finr with IE8, isnt he blocked at the firewall? is the domain resolving properly to the IP at the client side or it is still under dns propagation?
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    not able to login as in the popup screen not coming up? or the user and password combo isn't working?

    reset the password and tell them to try again - or tell them to try using the IP instead of the domain name. usually helps if it's a DNS issue.

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    Windows Firewall can prevent an FTP connection. If you are running Vista you can adjust the setting to allow FTP connections by doing the going to your Control Panel by clicking on the Windows Orb and clicking on "Control Panel". Click on "Network and Internet". Click on "Windows Firewall". Click on "Change Setting" and then click on the "Exceptions" tab. Under that tab, put a check mark next to the FTP port 43. This should allow connections to FTP sites. Click "OK" on the Firewall settings and close the other windows. I would then restart your computer and try to connect to the FTP site again. I hope this solves your problem.

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