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    Please review OilPrice.Com (We give away Free Financial Widgets)

    We have just finished building OilPrice.Com and i would lokve to hear your views on the site.
    Basically what we do is give away financial daya, commodity quotes that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.
    we have also created charts and data panels that you only need to copy an d paste - so it's incredibly to have good looking financial data on your site for free.

    We have also lined up some great financial journalists and Economists to add articles to the site - to keep the content updated daily and also be of interest to visitors.
    (please don't let the quality of the current content fool you - it's not bad , but what you'll see in a month is in a different league.)

    Anyway i would love to hear your reviews - sepecially on layout and colours.


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    Holy moley, you have HUNDREDS of things going on your site (not good).

    Marquees are frowned up-on normally, but I guess it suits this sites with the rates & prices.

    The only thing i would say to change is the left hand side, space the 'Prices' buttons out a little even by adding 1 or 2 <br> tags to give them some room, OR even make drop-down menu's so you can go to a certain bit on that page.

    Other then that, I think it is what an Oil price site should look like.

    Hope this helps!
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    its suit ur site name....

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    jwebhost - thanks for the review - i'm very grateful for your input.
    You're right - i think it looks a bit busy as well, but others i've spoken to say it's the right abount of info. Still it's my site and i like your suggestion - i'dd be chatting with my development guy today.

    Does the business of the homepage put you off the site? Or would you still look at the articles and other information?

    Any other comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again
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