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    Windows - realtime file share replication

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to find a low cost solution for realtime file share replication in a windows environment.
    It doesn't look like there are any open source windows cluster filesystems around, so the only viable option I found would be running OpenFiler in a replication cluster on Hyper-V nodes. Has anyone worked with this, does it work reliably?

    The required IO throughput on these shares would really be minimal and my biggest concern is 100% availability.

    Any input on this topic is greatly appreciated!



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    I tried working on this a few months ago. The closest thing I found was using delta copy with a very frequent schedule running. It's basically rsync for windows but it takes time for rsync to calculate the changes, and if you have a TON of data it's not a real solution.

    I was going to look at Windows DFS, but we went with (2) equallogic SANs for 40k. Don't ask how we went from trying a free solution to dropping 40k???

    It really depends what you are trying to replicate. If you are talking simple websites or something small you should be able to get away with deltacopy.

    If you are talking databases, SQL has native replication. Log shipping IMHO is the best, but also requires that you have enterprise edition. I did setup some databases to replicate via SQL express, but if the database have any custom stored procedures or views, they may not work correctly on the destination side. If you find something semi-cheap and completely effective please let me know.

    Doubletake is an option but for the price we went the SAN to get some more features and performance for other projects.

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