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    Does anybody have any experiance with them ???
    I'm new to reselers and till now I don't have any expirience with resselers. Resellerspace are the first I have looked on and I'm thinking to sign up with them. Any opinions???

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    I haven't hosted with them, but I've done work for them and they're consciencious people who seem to value communication and let their customers know what is going on.

    I'd most probably give them a try. ;-)
    (yeah, and that's coming from a competitor so I'm not getting paid for the good word )
    Jacynthe Durocher
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    seriously don't hesitate signing up with them, top notch hosting/features/support/price. I've been with them for a few months and no probs so far. They've just setup forums if you want to ask questions or whatever...


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    Network Information: ResellerSpace uses Cisco and Intel switches, routers, and other networking equipment. Redundant components are used to ensure up-time and minimize failure. Multi-gig fiber ring delivers your traffic out to one of our two national backbone providers, UUNet and Level 3, which we have dual gig connections to each. This topology provides the ability to scale our bandwidth well beyond the limits of a traditional OC-12.

    But they are on Yipes network......

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    Yipes, Genuity, Level 3, UUNet, AT&T and InterNap.

    Using the and data centers.

    So yes technically we are on Yipes

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    I am currently a customer of Resellerspace. For the first few days service and communication was unbeatable. However I must say at the moment communication and their help desk system is lacking. Currently I'm working with them to get this solved so I'll report back on my results.

    All in all I've heard nothing but great things about this establishment. The main reason I signed on is that everyone gave it thumbs up for the support. I must say however I'm deeply surprised and disappointed at the moment for the downturn my service as taken.

    This is NOT a warning to potential new customers, nor is it any attempt to let out any unwarranted frustrations. Instead this posting is merely an example of how things can seem so great but in actuality you really need to be careful out there and weigh each person's experience ( including this one ) carefully.

    I'm confident things will get worked out if the crew that help me when I signed up is still there. Otherwise I'm into some serious problems.

    At this time I can still recommend highly as your hosting or reseller service, mainly because there is still hope and if things get back on track it will continue to be a great service.


    Jim Atwood

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    ricoche -

    I've been seriously looking at resellerspace, and your post is making me pause to see how it might turn out. Does it seem to you that the downturn in support started about the same time the semi decicated servers started being offered? Just wondering if support resources were being consumed with the new offerings. If so, what'll happen when they start offering dedicated servers?

    I like the idea of being able to start with a reseller account, then move to a semi dedicated, then to a dedicated all with the same company. I hope their support isn't being spread too thin.

    Resellerspace seems to have a good reputation. I guess we'll have to see how they manage growth and expansion.


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    Hello there,

    I've been in touch with Resellerspace and some simple mistakes were made. Everything is fine and I can definitely vouch for Nathan and everything he's done.

    I would highly recommend them because if and when things do go wrong, their response is very good. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

    The product is sound and the support is very active and good. I suppose there was a bit of frustration in the post above, but that was quickly cleared up.

    <LOL> Thank goodness too, because it sure was a long road to getting here and I'd hate to have to get back on it. There's a lot of great companies out there, but it's really hard until after you've signed on the dotted line. Then do you really know. <perhaps>.

    This was a minor and justifiable scare. We all get them with whatever company we choose. Quite frankly, if a company and customers can survive these kinds of things, it just makes them that much stronger in my opinion.

    Thumbs up for


    Jim a.k.a Ricohe

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    Nathan the guy who is on the boards here from them(unsure of his postion with them) is a great guy, he helped me transfer everything from my old host to him and I have yet to have any issues with him, going on month 2.
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