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Thread: dev had virus

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    dev had virus

    if a developer I was working with had a virus (which they did) and it affected my site that was on their dev server > and they admitted the problem was them and said it was fixed > and I have not noticed any problems since then....

    is it safe to think the developer can be trusted to work with over time? or is it common a developer might have a virus

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    nice questions...if I my understanding is correct the we cannot say about it. Because you can trust the developer in case he is well known to anyone else or any trusted companies. It is also possible that virus may be affected from the local machine. Developer might have uploaded virus affected files from the local computer to server..........

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    a developer is expected to be smarter than the average computer user.

    if they got a virus and gave it to you then that developer likely isn't very good or knowledgeable.

    It is very unprofessional to give your client a virus!
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    I would say, I'd trust him because, after all, he did admit to having a virus. That says a lot to me.

    Also, with so many people getting viruses these days, can you really blame him? Besides, if he's like most people, after getting a virus, he will be really cautious.

    My vote is to continue working with him. He's honest.

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