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Thread: Please advise

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    Please advise

    Right now I have CPanel, however, I want to know what can be done with ensim..

    Can someone tell me what bugs are present, what I can do from the ensim control panel, etc...

    Keep in mind that I need subdomains, mail accounts and everything to do with mail, everything to do with mySQL including databases, phpmyadmin etc, and pretty much almost all of the stuff you get with CPanel...

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    Ensim really doesn't compare to CPanel feature wise. However, it is functional, doesn't have any/many bugs, and is cheaper. However, I did hear that prices are going to go up because of financial problems.

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    Ensim is much more flexible than cpanel IMHO.

    It may not include all the little extra scripts cpanel does as standard, but ensim can be tweaked extensively to include
    many additional features.

    If you've ever seen the standard ensim control panel in a demo,
    have a look at this ensim setup :

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    I think Ensim's stability outweight Cpanel's features in the long run. If you are willing to sacrifice some features, then it is totally worth it.

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