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    WHCMS Setting Reseller Privs WHM/CPANEL

    I am looking for the setting in whmcs that allows you to set permissions on reseller accounts? right now people are just being auto created a whm account and i have to manually set up privileges in whm.

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    This is not go.. I think - quality & cheap cPanel hosting

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    what? do you mean this is not possible? im sure there has to be a way to automate reseller privileges.

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    1. Click Setup
    2. Click Products/Service
    3. Click product you wish to modify
    4. Click Module Settings tab
    5. Add WHM Package -- this would be the reseller package in WHM
    6. Enter the "Reseller ACL List" -- this is configured in WHM.. Under reseller you can save settings that you want ever Reseller to have..
    7. Enter other information as needed.

    6 is where you would make your change. You would first need to set the permissions and "save" it in WHM before you can set it in whmcs.

    Let me know if you need further help.


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    Set the Reseller ACL when you create a package in whmcs

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