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    CSS Columns - Need some help!

    I've got a problem that I can't seem to figure out how to make work right.

    I have 2 columns left and right. The left one is fixed at 300 PX wide. But the right one is where the content needs to go is going to be adjustable to fit the browser.

    My problem is, I got the left one fixed at 300 PX but I can not get the right one to play nice, as the browser gets bigger it is suppose to expand, as it gets smaller it is suppose to contact.

    As I make the browser smaller it eventually just pushes the right side under the left.

    I have tried min-width and max-width but no luck. Anyone got an idea on how to do this? - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    Never mind about this. After digging on another page I found this in case anyone else needs to do this someday. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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