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    green reseller webhosting - should I use them?

    This is my fourth try at posting so I will give up if I cant post this time.
    I am thinking about using green reseller webhosting. They seem good, dont limit bandwidth and seem well talked about on any website that I could find.
    Any advice, ideas, experience etc?
    They dont register domain names though

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    Do you mean these guys?

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    generally i would advise against unlimited reseller plans since it's so easy to go over and get the entire account suspended for using "too much resources" but if Mike has the correct link - then it seems they are putting some heavy restrictions on the amount of domains you can host so it's up to you if you want to be limited on the amount of clients you can have. although the space and bandwidth is oversold, it'll be harder for you to gain too many clients too quickly without spending more money as time goes by.

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    green reseller webhosting - should I use them?

    Yes you have the link correct. I didnt include it because it seems I cant post when I include a URL link.
    I am also looking at hostgator but 250gb of bandwidth, while way more than your average 10 clients would use, dont seem like a lot when compared to what many hosting companies are offering and might cause marketing problems as people like unlimited. Many individual hosting plans advertise more bandwidth than that.
    How much storage and bandwidth does one usually give with your plans anyway?
    I think that I have narrowed my search down to these two companies

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    HostGator's reseller plans are great. Like many others, I myself advise against going with any "unlimited" reseller as it will simply cause issues in the long run. How much disk space and bandwidth do you think you will need? Are you a start up host or do you currently have existing clients?

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    I am just starting out - basically I am designing ecommerce websites and dont even plan to sell the hosting that I am reselling. I am planning to give customers a years hosting "For free" when they buy my $400 or so design packages.
    However, I would like to also offer people to buy a hosting package by itself as that would probably get me more customers.
    How much space and bandwidth does one give their new clients? Hotgator dont allow you to oversell which greatly reduces their usefullness as very few people come anything close to the alotment that they actually have allotted to them - but dont prevent them from wanting unlimited packages anyway.
    On hostgators cheapest $24.95 plan how many customers would you put on that?

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    space and bandwidth is up to you - if their site doesn't use up a lot of space than 1-5gb of space and 10-50gb of bandwidth would do the trick and these specs can easily be found with other reseller packages.

    and i don't think hostgator has a limit of how many clients you can have, but you should ask their sales team, I don't have any experience with them there to know the correct answer.

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    I personally would advise against unlimited space and bandwidth sellers. As said above its too easy to suspend the entire account.

    HostGator have some great deals, maybe you should look into them.

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    I used greenreseller/ greengeeks for about 3 weeks (actually had the account for 2 months).

    The servers seemed fine, load was ok but not great 4 to 5 most of the time. The biggest problem I had was that I went from having my own equipment to shared hosting, and didn't have enough control to make me happy. They don't run any RBL and the spam for my sites went through the roof. I personally am happier with a VPS, but that's me.

    The server was down once for about 2 hours (that I know of, it was down when I got up in the morning). They host their own site, so I couldn't get to their support sites. I called and they got the server back up. When I called to cancel the account I couldn't get to a person, so I left a message, never got a call back. Eventually I submitted a cancellation through a support ticket (email link), and they got it taken care of.

    I wouldn't say it was particularly bad, but wasn't particularly great either. Also most of the reviews I found looked like referral sites.

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