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    You know something that some others don't know? Sign-up at our new website for advice on small business topics, web development, legal info., etc., and earn money. This could include simple howto, whereto questions or compiling full research reports. This is an option on the side to make a few bucks for a lot of experts with some free time.

    For example, someone (a beginner thinking of starting an ecommerce business) wants to know what it takes to setup shop online. You can bid and if/when you are selected, provide the buyer with a detailed answer/report.

    Soon we will have some featured expert advisors, who will answer one question each week or each month for free and this topic will be featured on our site. Users will ask questions and the expert will select among a series of questions, then pick the best/most useful one and will provide an answer. The guest expert/advisor in turn will get a profile on our site. Additionally, they can bid on other questions/projects and charge users.

    If you are interested in becoming a guest expert, just PM me and let me know what your forte is.

    Other suggestions are welcome.

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